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A complete suite of Scientific colour maps

We designed and advertised (e.g., #usebatlow) state-of-the-art colour-blind friendly and perceptually uniform Scientific colour gradients, the first complete suite including all types and classes, to map data accurately and to all readers. We created more than 20 freely-accessible file formats for all common visualisation software, which made them widely and easily usable.

Products delivered:

  • Colour gradients 
  • Logo design
  • User-instruction design
  • Outreach poster
  • Science communication

A closer look

The first complete suite of colour-blind friendly and perceptually even colour gradients.Scientific colour map logoScientific colour map certificateScientific colour map poster designScientific colour map user flow chart

A complementary suite of group logos

We designed multiple working-group logos for an Earth Science Centre of Excellence to bring its multiple visually-disconnected groups together. Each logo represents the main aspect of group research, while all of them remain visually complementary to each other and the Centre's main logo.

Products delivered:

  • Logo design

A closer look

The visually complementary suite of working-group logos for the Centre of Excellence CEED.
s-Ink.org science quality graphics

Online graphic exchange

With the online science graphics collection s-Ink.org, we enable graphic designers and scientists to create and share scientifically correct and visually superior graphics together. The open access and the opportunity for feedback on the graphics enables efficient and competent quality control by each individual user.

Products delivered:

  • Interactiv webplatform 
  • Data visualisation
  • Illustrations 
  • Graphic software
  • Animations
  • Icons
  • Logo design

A closer look

The s-Ink online science graphics collections-Ink logo